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MPLS Explained.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is the latest development in wide area connectivity for secure reliable dedicated, high bandwidth site to site connectivity. It encapsulates the data packets and tags them according to the 'type' of traffic. Data, voice, video or non urgent email traffic for example. By placing 'labels' on the packets it can then manage, delivery as a complementary protocol alongside the traditional 'IP' network protocol.

MPLS networks provide a more cost efficient method over leased lines and can prioritise traffic accordingly to distinguish between high latency sensitive traffic such as voice and video and non latency traffic such as file transfer and emails.

MPLS is therefore becoming the preferred choice for reliable site to site connectivity and a central point of access onto the Internet. Organisation's sites can be connected together for data, voice and video systems to work as one coherent system over the same network connection regardless of where they are in the country or the world.

You can access an MPLS network from your existing service provider using a variety of local connection methods. Talk to us for further advise on how you can benefit from this new WAN connectivity method to replace your existing costly leased lines.

VoIP & SIP Trunking

VoIP (Voice over Internet) is becoming a strong alternative to the traditional multiple telephone line connectivity (phone lines) for businesses. A typical business will have a phone system connected via a digital line (ISDN30e) from a service provider such as BT. Talk to us about how we can save you over £1,000 per year by installing an enterprise class SIP Trunking system for quality assured telephone connectivity. Talk to us about lowering your total cost of ownership on your telephone installation by off-loading your telephone switch systems to an enterprise class service provider as a managed service for as low as £10 per month per telephone extension.



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